Neil Porter

BA HONS Counselling (Integrated Theory and Practice)

I understand that life can be difficult- we all face struggles which can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. It doesn’t have to be that way- I believe we have the power within us to heal and grow, to become the master of our feelings and emotions, even in rocky waters. These things can be hard to tackle on our own however.


I am an experienced bacp registered counsellor, with a desire to listen and help guide you through any difficulty you may be facing. I like to create a welcoming and relaxed environment where you feel safe to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences. I have a versatile approach with my clients allowing me to cater to your individual needs and goals. You are not alone and things can get better, please get in touch - I would love to help!

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I could tell you all about my theories and scientific approach to counselling and therapy, but the best way to know the experience you will receive with me is from the people who I have already helped. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients during my time as a counsellor, here are some of their thoughts on our time together.

"I was struggling to accept that I needed counselling and that it was the best way forward. I was feeling anxious, stressed and wondered whether or not it would work for me. Generally speaking, I find it hard to express my feelings which was also a concern.
Neil was able to make me feel relaxed and at ease. I also gained comfort in knowing that I am not alone in feeling this way, given the issues that I was experiencing and had been for some time. Following each session, I left feeling more and more positive and happier with myself knowing that we were working through the issues and getting results. My sense of self confidence and self esteem grew as I was able to face day to day challenges and circumstances with more ease, as prior to therapy I was not in a position to tackle this."

"I was dubious seeking counselling and sceptical. I was unsure whether it would be right for me - not to mention sharing intimate personal details with someone that I didn’t know. I wasn’t sure how I would react to the process which only added to my nerves about meeting someone new. I was also a little unsettled as to how I would feel in the event that I cried in front of a man.   


Neil worked to my pace and was very patient with me, which I really appreciate. When I got upset and was experiencing different emotions, I found Neil very accepting, comforting and completely at ease with it all. Any preconceived notions I had about crying in front of a man gradually disappeared. I looked forward to my time with my counsellor and was made to feel comfortable, safe and welcome without exception each and every time. 


Following my sessions with Neil, I felt I could be more myself. I feel now that I can be true to myself and let people in which is a new experience for me and I’m enjoying it. Ortus Counselling has worked wonders for me and that’s why I would recommend it to my friends."

"To begin with I was feeling slightly anxious and apprehensive as I’m not good with meeting new people, increasingly so, given the context of what we would be discussing during counselling.


Neil made me feel welcome and at home which helped ease my anxiety and encouraged me to be more open and honest which facilitated my growth during therapy. I felt Neil’s depth of knowledge and insight into various complex issues that I presented during our time together was invaluable and I am indebted to his service.


Following counselling, I feel like a different person; more confident, more at ease with myself, more courageous and I have a greater sense of self worth and love for myself."

"I was looking forward to counselling, as I had a friend that at the time was also undergoing therapy. I discussed therapy with her and I found it very reassuring. There were still some subjects that were very personal and sensitive however. I knew, come the time that I would struggle to touch these areas - I wondered whether or not I would avoid them completely.


I felt very welcome and felt at home in my sessions, which was important for me. As we moved through therapy together, we developed a stronger bond which I feel helped me to work through some very difficult subjects indeed. I found in particular, my counsellor’s knowledge and wisdom to be of enormous benefit. Overall, I felt Neil’s approach was a good fit for me. Following counselling, I no longer felt trapped and isolated. I felt some idea as to who I was and my place in the world.


Therapy with Ortus was an enriching and rewarding experience for me and therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending counselling with Ortus to any one of my friends or for that matter anyone that is reading this testimony."

"I was looking forward to counselling to work through somewhat painful and discomforting memories and experiences.


I found Neil’s approach to be professional and personal. At the same time, I felt it refreshing that I was treated as an equal which, unfortunately, had not been the case with other heath professionals in the past. I felt that Neil could relate to my experiences and fears.


After counselling, I feel I have a more positive outlook on my life in general and I am less distressed by some of the circumstances that we sometimes face in life. I’m less distracted by the ties that have kept me in the past and I enjoy living more of a present-orientated lifestyle."